We give/act/work/inspire. These are not just words to us. This is who we are.
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When you walk through the doors of a church, you should not feel intimidated or out of place, even if it is for the first or millionth time. You should not be made to feel as if you are being judged by the car you drive, the house you live in, or the clothes on your back. Instead, you should walk into a place that feels immediately like a home away from home, acceptance is steadfast, and where the people you encounter are more like family or a best friend….this is who we are at EHF. We know change is inevitable, and rather than fighting it, we embrace it. This is why we are a church that is like no other. We believe that like anything that is meant to stand the test of time, it begins with a strong foundation, a strong faith, and an even stronger group of individuals willing to commit and walk a path filled with selflessness, love, and spiritual awareness…this is who we are at EHF. With each generation there come new perspectives and ideas. At Eagle Heights we are committed in adapting to those new points of view by being a church that fosters a multicultural, as well as a multigenerational environment. There are no boundaries or borders between individuals who share in one voice their love and commitment to God, the Creator of all. Rather we have built roads and bridges that bring all walks of life together weekly, creating a new kind of church in the ever-changing culture of the world….this is who we are at EHF. At Eagle Heights we do not preach at you, rather we find avenues to reach, teach and fill your heart with the Word of God.  We do not believe in forcing our beliefs on you or filling your soul with fear if you have not accepted Christ. Instead we encourage you to find your own pace as you begin your spiritual walk to a life filled with unconditional love and forgiveness from an unwavering God….this is who we are at EHF. As we continue to grow in our faith, beliefs, love and spirituality, we invite you to join us on our voyage. Not because of where you are from or who you are, but because God loves you and He knows who we are at EHF.
Scott and Nanell
Mike & Brenda Neal

Scott Neal, Senior Pastor

Scott has been in ministry for over 30 years. He and his wife, Nanell, have ministered in hundreds of churches as itinerant evangelists. He has also served local churches for many years. Both Scott and Nanell have a huge desire to see the church be all that God intended it to be.
Their oldest son, Joshua, is married to Jennifer and they have two beautiful sons, Jaxon and Jett. Their younger son, David, is married to Maggie. They are the proud parents of Journey and Lucy. 

 Mike Neal, Associate Pastor

Mike and Brenda joined our staff March 2, 2008. Mike has served churches for over 30 years, including 22 years as pastor in Texas and Washington state. Mike likes to golf, fish and hunt, and is a fan of sports in general while Brenda enjoys crafts, sewing and home decor. Brenda has worked as preschool and/or nursery coordinator for each church. She has a servant’s heart and is at her best behind the scenes. Their children are Aaron and Mika, who is married to Blake, and have four grandchildren, Eli, Grace, Silas and Meritt.